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My name is Laure Bretzinger, CEAL and I am the founder of Advanced Loving Kare.  I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband, Kevin, and 3 daughters.  I graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and hold a triple major in HealthCare Management, Accounting and Pre-Law.  I have always had a passion for elderly care and for improving the quality of their healthcare.  In 2013, we lost my grandmother and my father-in-law.  In 2015, we lost my grandfather.  My grandparents were both in a nursing home in northeast Ohio for the last few years of their life; my grandfather with Alzheimer’s.  My father-in-law was lost to cancer.  All three of them went through their final weeks of life in hospice care.  While the medical care given in all three situations was excellent, I strongly believe there are avenues we can take to improve the level of personalized care.  Through all our family experiences combined with my passion for patient-centered healthcare, I’ve decided to commit my life to helping others improve the quality of their healthcare as well as the healthcare of their loved ones.

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