This document is going to be your Personal Life Story. It will be used by your family members and also by healthcare workers for more personalized care.  All of the information you want family, close friends and healthcare workers to know and remember about you should be documented here.  Some information may be memories; some information may be wishes about things you would like to happen in future years or upon your death; some information will be helpful to family in locating valuable personal documents and contacts upon your death; and some information could be simple pleasures that truly make you happy and content.  Everything included in this document should be special in your heart and significant in your life.  This is the time to record what holds value to you and what you want your family and close friends to know and remember about your life.

When you purchase this product, you will be directed to a series of questions about your life story.  The questions are broken out into 9 different sections: Your family, Personal Narrative, Interests and Hobbies, Music, Education / work experience, Home / comfort areas, Religion / Spirituality, End of Life, and Additional Thoughts / Comments.

Once you submit the final answers, your Personal Life Summary Document will be created, professionally printed and bound, and then shipped to your address.  It is your document to file with your important documents for a later point in time when personalized healthcare will become important to your well-being.

This document does not replace a will, living will, or any type of estate planning.  This is a document that will be used to provide more personalized healthcare.

Price per document = $39.99 (plus tax for Ohio residents)

  • 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.


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